7ASecurity Certified Mobile Professional [CERTIFICATION ONLY]

7ASecurity Certified Mobile Professional [CERTIFICATION ONLY]

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7ASecurity Certified Mobile Professional

Following our training motto "all action, no fluff", the 7ASecurity Certified Mobile Professional (7CMP) is one of the most practical and professionally oriented certifications you can obtain in mobile penetration testing. Instead of putting you through a series of multiple-choice questions, you will perform an audit of real Android and iOS apps. The exam process is modeled after real-world mobile application penetration tests where you will have limited time to perform the audit and send over a professionally written report.


After several months, effort and attempts, I have finally achieved the 7ASecurity Certified Mobile Professional(7CMP) certification from 7ASecurity. This certification, 100% practical and focused on mobile applications in real-world scenarios, has been one of the most challenging certifications I've done. Throughout this journey, I've not only acquired valuable skills but also expanded my knowledge about mobile security testing.
Many thanks to Abraham Aranguren and the 7ASecurity team for their support throughout the process. I'd also like to express my gratitude to Fluid Attacks for providing me with the opportunity to present my skills.
David Torres Hoyos
Security Tester at Fluid Attacks
After 2 months of intense training on the 7CMP course from 7ASecurity, managed to pass the 48-hour exam and become the first 7ASecurity Certified Mobile Professional! The exam was really demanding but interesting and rewarding at the same time. Many thanks to Abraham who was there to support me throughout the course. The course is 100% hands-on and I highly recommend it to both beginners and experienced mobile application penetration testers.
Valentinos Chouris
Senior Security Consultant at NCC Group
The best certification course in Android and iOS mobile security today.#android #ios
Jesus Espinoza
Consultor de seguridad informatica

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